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Started operating in 2005, OM INDUSTRIES is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Bellows, Telescopic Covers, Steel Rollway Covers, Apron Covers and Way Wipers, conveyors,Conrol Panel enclosures. Renowned for manufacturing and supplying above mentioned products, we are also capable enough to deliver the finest engineering solutions for Machining Centers, Heavy Duty Equipments and CNC Machines.

Best Product

Om Care Machine Service Providing Best Quality Product According to Customer Requirements

Roll way Cover

OM Industries Roll up cover serve to protect contact surfaces and guideways on all kinds of machine

Apron Cover

OM INDUSTRIES Link apron covers can be used anywhere where, for reasons of space, it is not possible to use telescopic covers. They lie directly on the guideways and can hang down freely at the end of the path, or be screwed on or wound around without any special guides.


OM INDUSTRIES Conveyors Transport of the material takes place via drivers which push the material along the floor of the housing towards the discharge. Our scraper conveyors can be used as standalone conveyors at machine tools or as linked conveyor systems.

Machine Enclosure

OM INDUSTRIES Machine Enclosures are particularly used in large machines, and can be manufactured in accordance to the size specifications detailed for diverse equipment. Our enclosures are very effective in protecting machine parts from all kinds of damage.